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Born out of a constant desire to deliver the ultimate personal service, Blackacre honours the location where our first customer proposal took place.

The stories behind our bespoke rings always start with you.

Blackacre provides a bespoke jewellery service specialising in the production of luxury rings rivalling some of the the finest jewellers and brands in the world. We provide an experience-rich and trusted service that will guide you through the creation of your perfect ring.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism. Our rings and experiences are created by professionals for professionals so we have a clear understanding of the standards our clients expect based on their day to day lives. Our unique online accounts allow you to track the progress of your ring’s creation with CAD designs and Diamond videos being uploaded to secure private accounts.

By not having a fixed premises or expensive retail space on New Bond Street we are able to save significant costs, as well as allowing us to operate with great flexibility and meet clients at locations and times that suit their busy schedules.

By saving costs in this area, we have opted to invest in other areas which we feel have a greater importance to our clients, the most important of which is their purchasing experience. In the last month alone this ranges from sharing a glass of champagne in the Ritz with a client as part of the delivery of the final ring, to holding initial meetings at 7am in the morning outside central London.

Every ring is made to your exact desires and we will meet your every need. All our workshops, team and offices are located in London, United Kingdom. Each diamond used in our products is GIA certified and every ring marked with the prestigious London Goldsmiths Hallmark.

The most frequently asked question is "How much should I be spending?". We can only advise our clients to spend what they are happy to spend and will always advise them in a way that allows them to maximise their budget. Please note that due to the quality of our process and time invested in our clients we have a minimum spend requirement of £5,000 (excluding wedding bands & eternity rings).

Our variety of contact options allow you to contact us at any stage to discuss your ring or project. We are honoured to be part of your unique journey.