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We know the value of feedback and have included a series of client testimonials to share their stories and shed further light on the Blackacre experience.


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    James H

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    Sam CB

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    James S

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    Chris K

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    Toby L

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    Will L

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    Tom S

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    David S

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    Simon S






James H
Profession: Financial Advisor

“I first made contact with Blackacre having spent a couple of weeks researching online and visiting a number of shops in Hatton Garden. I was initially overwhelmed with the significant variation in price and design in the market. There were a couple of instances where staff members dramatically cut their advertised prices once I had shown some interest in a particular ring. I found this difficult to understand and was therefore unable to trust the reliability of their advice and quality of their product.

Having reached out to Blackacre, I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and speed of response. My initial brief was rather simplistic and they were very open to discuss as well as further educate me in order to achieve a superb ring tailored to my criteria. This was particularly refreshing given my previous experiences.

After an initial exchange of emails with Sam (the founder), we had an informal face-to-face meeting in central London. He was extremely friendly and relaxed which made it feel like an informal discussion. He provided me with further understanding on the various options and processes in designing a ring. This also gave me a chance to gauge the quality of rings he produces and pricing structure. I went away from the meeting with a clear understanding that “what you get, is what you pay for” and the “hands on service” he provides would guarantee I would get an outstanding product.

Following our initial meeting, Sam presented me with three separate pricing options for the various designs we had discussed. Having given it some thought, I decided to proceed with one of the options. It was amazing to be so involved with the design of the ring; receiving the CAD really brought everything to life. Sam’s regular updates really put me at ease throughout the process.

I received the final ring roughly 6 weeks after our initial meeting and the quality was impeccable and exactly on point. My fiancée was especially over the moon with the design; and having the story of designing it myself made it really special. It was a fantastic experience.”

James H Ring:

Trilogy diamond ring featuring a 1.1ct diamond flanked by two 0.4ct stones  set in a Platinum 950 basket setting with an 18ct yellow gold band.


Sam CB
Profession: Property

“I have told this a hundred times over the past 3 months since I got engaged and I hope that I get to tell it a hundred more throughout my life. I had no idea where this journey would take me when I decided to speak with Sam at Blackacre for the first time and I could not be happier with how it has all panned out.

As I am sure all men that are purchasing an engagement ring for the first time do, I researched long and hard and weighed up every single possible option. After countless hours spent trawling websites both foreign and domestic I was at a complete dead end, I just could not find the ring that I wanted to purchase. I wanted the ring to be unbelievable, and take my girlfriend’s breath away. No matter how hard I looked I could not find the perfect ring.

After thinking that I was going to have to settle for a ring that “would do” rather than the perfect ring for me and my future fiancé I decided to pick up the phone to Blackacre after they were highly recommended to me by a friend. Prior to contacting them I had my concerns dealing with a boutique company however as soon as I spoke to the team it was clear in terms of professionalism they were a cut above the rest. They came highly recommended through a very good friend and I now wish that I had called Sam form the very beginning. From the very first time that I spoke with Sam it gave me an unbelievable confidence in not only what he could do, but also that he would look after me.

Once we had decided upon a ring design the team really got to work in sending me different design ideas and basically looking after every small idea that I may have had along the way – as well as raising points that I had not thought about! Nothing was too much trouble and it felt as if Sam and his team had thought of everything for me. From the amazing wax model and the cad designs to always picking up my calls and even WhatsApp messages no matter what time of day or night. They were there throughout the whole process in a way that I would never have expected. He even offered advice based on experience, when asked to give it, on timings to propose, support when it came to speaking with my fiancés parents and even the logistics of the proposal!

The proposal itself worked out exactly as planned and even though I was completely lost for words, the ring did exactly what I wanted and did all the talking for me. My now fiancé was completely blown away and I saw a look on her face that I had never seen before. She looked as if I had given her something that could never be replicated, a gift that we would both be proud to share together for the rest of our lives.

I can never begin to come close to telling people how incredible my experience was and still is with Blackacre, as I now feel part of something more than just buying a ring, I feel part of the Blackacre story and that is something you will not get anywhere else.”

Sam CB Ring:

Solitaire diamond ring featuring a 1.8ct centre stone in a 6 prong claw setting with 154 pavé set diamonds in the Platinum 950 band.

James S
Profession: Strategy Consultant

“I had been investigating buying an engagement ring with a number of high-end bespoke retailers. I was getting frustrated with the salesy service, lack of price transparency and conflicting advice I received.  I was then introduced to Blackacre through a previous client who said he would recommend them highly.

We met in central London to discuss designs and I was immediately taken with the clear advice I was given on both the ring design and the diamond selection. Blackacre were also extremely transparent and up-front in our budget discussions which I really liked and they also took time to dispel some of the ring buying myths I had believed. The ring even turned out to be slightly under budget, which I put down to Blackacre’s honesty and integrity.

I was struggling to get an idea of diamond sizes and how different designs would look so the team kindly provided me with a wide range sample simulant diamonds which were invaluable in helping me get an accurate idea of sizes, and definitely something I couldn’t do in my previous experiences. Blackacre drew up a number of design options based on the initial brief. Shortly after I commited to purchasing the ring I was able to view the CAD designs. At a later stage I then received a wax model of the ring which gave me great comfort and foresight into how the final piece would look.

It was only just over a month between our first meeting and receiving a custom-made ring (which I thought was extremely quick). All my queries were answered immediately and I couldn’t have been happier with the service I received.

The quality of the ring has been admired by my fiancée, her discerning friends and even some other jewellers! The craftmanship was of such high quality that the setting was nearly invisible from above which meant the diamonds were on show and you could tell it was a high-quality piece. The design advice I was given really made the final piece special and looking back I was very glad to have Blackacre.”

James S ring:

A stunning 1.3ct flawless emerald cut diamond set in Platinum 950 with a diamond halo and band.

Chris K
Profession: Private Equity

Client Testimonial coming soon


Toby L
Profession: Commodity Advisor

Sam and his team have provided unwavering support through the entire process, which took just over 8 months from start to finish (from initial contact with the team to me proposing).

There was never any pressure to “speed up” the process, and he never gave any overbearing opinion on the design of the ring. Insteasd he insisted that we took time over the decisions being made, and provided his professional opinion when he was asked for it, or where I went astray.

We held several appointments together in Hatton Garden where I was able to choose from a selection of diamonds and sapphires. With Blackacre’s breadth of high quality industry relationships we were able to secure the best stones at honest prices.

They have delivered a highly personalised engagement ring, that is exactly what I wanted.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Sam and Blackacre to any friends going through a similar process.

Will L
Profession: Financial Services

Testimonial coming soon

Tom S
Profession: Corporate Finance

Testimonial coming soon


David S
Profession: British Army, Captain

Testimonial coming soon

Simon C
Profession: Private Equity

Testimonial coming soon