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our diamonds

There is a wealth of information available providing advice on diamond specifications. However, without the eye of a qualified and certified gemmologist, it is near impossible to set stones of differing grades apart. Our in-house gemologists and diamond policy, as set out below, help de mystify the process for you.

Simplicity and quality are key to our customer experience, therefore we seek to remove the complexity behind choosing diamonds. Unless otherwise requested, our diamonds will be of the followingclassification, as we believe this is the most suitable quality for our customers.

Carat and shape Defined by you
Colour F/G
Clarity VS1/VS2
Cut Excellent
Symmetry Excellent
Polish Excellent
Fluorescence None-Faint

We only use diamonds with the most recognised, respected and prestigious certification, and each stone undergoes an internal review by our in-house gemologist. Diamond certificates are supplied on delivery of the final ring.

Please note that every stone is unique and diamond prices change on a daily basis. However, we will always seek to find the perfect stones for you. To help reduce the mystique behind the purchasing of diamonds the graphics below provide an approximate price/weight guide for stones within our suggested diamonds range, as defined above.

.25 CT


.5 CT


.75 CT


1 CT


1.25 CT


1.5 CT


1.75 CT


2 CT+