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Our Team

Our Team

The Blackacre team contains the perfect blend of professional experience and quality, ranging from Chartered Accountants to former De Beers jewellers.

Our Jewellers

Over 500 diamonds set in Q1 2018 alone

Our team of jewellers is managed and over seen by our head jeweller who formerly worked as a leading jeweller at both De Beers and Graff.
As well as having an ex Tiffany designer amongst our ranks we also have dedicated CAD designers and technical experts that provide the creative vision and technical accuracy in the design phase. Whilst our specialist casters, stone setters and finishers ensure our jewellery is of the highest possible quality and goes through rigorous quality control processes.
Much of the focus of modern day jewellery companies is on diamonds and their specifications. We take the firm house view that there is no point in taking a beautiful diamond if the metal craftsmanship is not of the same quality and beauty.

With 95% of rings sold in the UK being made overseas or through template, so called “bespoke” designs which hide stones behind large metal claws, high quality UK made products are almost impossible to find.
We therefore make no attempt to hide that fact that our jewellery is a high quality product but in the jewellery market today increasingly what you get is what you pay for.
Our London based jewellery team ensure that every stone is set with the minimum metal possible on show, in the highest quality settings, whilst maintaining a totally secure and robust setting to hold the stunning stones of your choice.