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The process


Blackacre jewellery aims to deliver the ultimate personal service to customers. At any stage throughout your journey of purchasing a bespoke ring you are able book an appointment to meet us in person, discuss your ring over the phone, see products first hand or view yours online.

your brief

The story behind your ring always starts with a private and confidential brief from you to us. Once you submit the brief, a unique private login will be created for you without charge. From here you will have access to our full contact details and your story begins.


Once submitted, one of our team will individually review your brief before contacting you. Your brief allows us to have the most productive and informed appointments with you possible as we know your time is precious. Through regular contact with you we will aim to formalise your idea so we understand your every requirement.

gemstone sourcing

As soon as you wish to proceed we will set about sourcing your unique diamonds and gemstones based on your individual requirements. Once sourced we will upload images and video content of the stones to your private account.


In the next step we will upload an image and video content of the Computer Aided Design (CAD).

wax model

In the final stage before you receive your ring we will upload images and a video of the wax carving which represents an exact replica of your ring pre casting. It is necessary to produce this before casting in the precious metal or metals of your choice.

The end

This chapter of your story is now complete. Your ring will be available for delivery at a time and by a means that suits you