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Create your ring

The process


Blackacre aims to deliver the ultimate personal service to clients. It is a truly unique and transparent process.


Our clients journeys more often that not start with an initial contact or enquiry over email or phone. As part of an initial phase of contact we seek to understand as much as possible about your exact requirements. We also take the opportunity to provide as much transparent and clear information as possible in order to educate and advise our clients, allowing them to make the most informed decisions posible.

Should you so wish, it is also possible to submit a brief to us by registering an account using the "Create your ring" action. This in turn will give you access to your own private login where you can track the progress of your rings creation.


Following our initial conversation we would suggest to arrange a meeting with you at one of our preferred Central London locations or workspaces. At this meeting we would show a selection of diamonds, gemstones and rings subject to your brief to help you understand what options are most appropriate for you. Following this meeting we will share a series of options and quotes, based on your feedback, for you to choose from.

diamond & gemstone sourcing

We are a registered and certified global diamond dealer and therefore have access to every certified stone in the world. We subsequently also have the capability to source stones individually for clients if they so wish. We will always seek to source the best possible stones, that give the maximum return for our clients budget, using our trusted industry relationships.

We have the ability to share close up images, videos and certification details with you either via your private account or over email.


Our specialist computer designers will create a unique CAD of your design which is required in order to create the wax model ahead of precious metal casting. The CAD design immerses you in our design process and also gives an early indication of the scale and perspective of the bespoke design.

wax model

The final stage ahead of casting is the creation of a 3D printed wax model. This is then used in the casting process to produce the core structure or your ring. At our clients request it is possible to share this with the client as we continue to take you on the creation journey.

The precious metal cast is created by the pouring of molten metal over the wax model within a mould. Post casting our jewellers set to work on the time consuming and manual process of finishing, polishing and setting the stones. This is all done by the hands of highly skilled craftsmen prior to the completion of your bespoke ring

The end

This chapter of your story is now complete. Your ring will be available for delivery at a time and by a means that suits you