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Professional, personal and trusted

Our business is run by professionals, more often than not for professionals, and therefore we understand the standards our clients expect. Everything about our service is catered to our clients depending on their needs.

It is no secret that Hatton Garden as a location doesn’t hold the glamour that many would expect when they venture in to London’s jewellery quarter for the first time. The area is largely awash with people trying to make a “quick buck” and capitalise on the emotional attachment of an engagement ring purchase.

We remain consistent, transparent and honest at all times. Each week one of our team acts as a secret shopper to keep our eye on the market to ensure we continue to offer a premium and unrivalled service.

Truly bespoke

Every single ring made by Blackacre is entirely bespoke, from start to finish. This means that no drawing, computer design or ring is ever the same as one we have made previously. Further this is all done under one roof in our London based workshop, by one team.

The jewellery market is awash with companies claiming to 1) Offer a bespoke jewellery service, or 2) jewellery that is hand finished in London. The reality is that where these claims are made more often that not:

1)A range of ready made template products exist, that are mass produced in Asia, where different stone sizes can be dropped in, before large clunky claws are pulled over the stone.

2)Rings are made in Asia and shipped to the UK before being given a quick polish in a workshop.

Unrivalled quality and made in London

The quality of our jewellery is aligned with the best in the industry from De Beers and Graff, to Harry Winston and Chopard, amongst others. We know this because most of our jewellers originate from these prestigious jewellery houses. When purchasing a ring that will be with you for the rest of your life we are adamant it is not something where shortcuts on quality should be taken.

We care

We don’t believe in large scale marketing campaigns to bolster our brand, instead we rely on letting our jewellery do the talking and spreading awareness of our brand amongst our future clientele through word of mouth. High end jewellers such as Harry Winston, Graff, De Beers and Tiffany amongst other spend on average close to 90% of their costs on selling and marketing costs which means these costs are passed on to customers. We are opting to take a different approach putting our clients first.

Multi channel approach

We recognise the importance of a personal meeting for a purchase that bears so much significance both in financial and sentimental terms to potential clients. We therefore offer the perfect scenario; through not having a fixed retail location we are able to pass on the fixed cost savings to our customers whilst still maintaining the ability to meet face to face and build lasting relationships with our clients through our private appointments.