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Our process

Be part of the creation experience

Exclusive access to our workshop and gemstones straight from the source. Visit our Hatton Garden suite to see for yourself.

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Initial contact

The start of your journey

Our personal and professional team will respond in a timely manner to advise or guide you as to the appropriate next steps specific to your needs.

Our top floor suite, which sits above the workshop, provides the privacy and discretion required for an initial appointment. We shy away from a traditional retail approach, instead making it our mission to educate our clients in the location where our rings are made and introduce them to the skilled craftsmen who make them.

The best purchases are made off the high street at the source

Contact us for an initial consultation at our Hatton Garden suite.

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Stone sourcing

Traceable diamonds and gemstones

With a sustainable and transparent supply chain, we are able to offer clients traceable gems straight from the source.

Based on your unique requirements, we will prepare a selection of stones for you to analyse at your consultation. From "blind tasting" multiple diamonds for an engagement ring to a detailed review of specifically procured gemstones, our certified gemologists will talk you through the intricacies and unique characteristics of every stone.

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For clients purchasing engagement rings, we use a “Blind tasting” approach to diamond and gem selection as part of the initial education.

We see many clients swamped in detail after initial research. The aim of this top down approach is to support a more pragmatic attitude whilst simultaneously building a deep knowledge of the interplays between quality and price.

Gouache design

Creativity and passion at the heart of everything we do

Our highly skilled in-house designers are able to prepare artistic designs that can be considered masterpieces in their own right.

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CAD design

Our expert CAD designers will take precise laser measurements of your diamonds and gemstones to bring your design to life.

Wax 2

Wax prototype

A 3D wax print of the design will be created, with each component being modeled separately, to allow an individual mould to be created for every element ahead of casting.

Assembly and casting

Individually cast and assembled by hand

We focus on unrivalled quality and consequently cast each component of our pieces separately ahead of assembling them by hand. This ensures total quality control in the casting phase and mitigates against unwanted flaws associated with lump casting, such as air bubbles and fissures, which could create weaknesses in the pieces.

Stone setting

Show your treasures in the best light:

"Over 50% of most jewels are metal. Exceptional craftsmanship can raise the perceived quality of any gem". Samuel Stirrat – Founder

We pride ourselves on the quality of our setters with our near invisible signature talon claws and side cut scallop settings allowing the maximum amount of light to reflect and refract through the stones whilst guaranteeing total security.

Final ring

Exceptional quality straight from the workshop

Our clients collect their final ring from the workshop where it was made, from the hands of the craftsmen and women that made it. Our case studies shed more light on our unique client service.

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The Hatton Garden based jewellers is open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 17:30pm available by appointment and is located just a short walk from Chancery Lane tube or Farringdon station.

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