The Blackacre Yellow

The Blackacre Yellow highlights our progressive nature and is inspired by the summer sun and British fields of sunflowers

The use of rare natural coloured diamonds often limits or constrains designers to simple pieces due to the investment nature of these stones. Unconstrained by such limitations we have sourced a rare one of a kind 1.64ct VVS2 Vivid Orangey Yellow lab grown diamond which has allowed us to create a stunning ring.


IGI: LG_189552998
1.64ct VVS2 Vivid Orangey Yellow Lab Grown Diamond

Price available on request

  • 1.64ct VVS2 Vivid Orangey Yellow lab grown diamond centre stone
  • Centre stone set with 18kt yellow gold talon claw that are near invisible as they blend in to the warm yellow hues of the centre stone
  • Encompassed by a bed of white diamond petals totalling 1.34ct in weight set in platinum to protect them from reflections off the yellow gold band and centre stone
  • With larger diamonds set on the North, South, East and West facets measuring 5x3mm the eye is drawn in deeper to the warm glow of the centre stone
  • The lab grown orangey yellow diamond was sourced from a distributor in Antwerp following its creation in Ontario, USA
  • The stone was created using the High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) method
  • A rough HPHT lab-grown diamond is grown from a small diamond seed.
  • The diamond seed is placed in an environment that contains carbon (the molecular component of diamonds) and a metallic liquid under highly controlled conditions
  • The temperature used is 1500 degrees and the pressure used is 70 bars
  • The diamond was taken to our central London workshop for design work and setting in August 2019

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